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Thoughts reflects in action

There have been an old saying when you think of achieving something, whole nature come together to helps you to get that. This is the power of thoughts, when you think positive, only positive comes to you and when you start thinking negative all negative start happening. This is what we call the law of attraction, so for anything to workout for you, you need to be positive about that. For eg. If you are not positive for winning a race there could be no chance that you put your 100% efforts to with the race and then the outcome will be failure. Though you may have got every possible talent and skill to win that race but just because of small negative thought you failed.

Power of Forgiveness

Whenever we think of forgiveness we assume it is for others, but forgiveness is for ourself. It help us to release all the negative energy and burden of past. We are living our life in such a way that we hardly attached to the emotional feelings of others. Being into the race of becoming more successful in terms of gathering physical wealth, we have morally degraded our self. We have forgotten the art of living and the ways to ease our life from stress and burden.

Recent Articles

Work Hard to be Happy in Life!

Happiness is a way of life and it is not something that can be acquired and kept with it. People put their whole life behind happiness but they get dissatisfied. They have assumed that they would be happy if they got admission in a good college or if they managed to...

Hope for Good

We have always been hearing that if we want to happen something good with us then we should expect for good or always hope for good. Because if we hope for good with ourselves then there will be communication of positive energy inside and out, which will make good...

Unlocking success with the key of hope

We all started the journey of our professional life with many dreams, goals, expectations, and inspirations. At that time there is our original mantra and formula for success- I will win. In our minds, we start planning to become something to prove ourselves to...