Mission Academy Live Regional Launch Days

Mission Academy Live is a brand-new series of 10 video based sessions, each one seeking to equip and empower young people to share their faith with their friends through ongoing, long term, peer-to-peer evangelism.

As part of the launch of these videos we are holding a series of FREE launch days for you to attend with your young people to inspire young people for evangelism and to explore running MA Live in your context.

Starting at 10.30am, we will look at what it means to share the good news of Jesus with our friends, encouraging and equipping young people to have a passion and excitement for peer to peer evangelism. After lunch we will be engaging with the first 2 videos, helping facilitate you and your young people in trying out the material, inspiring a confidence and excitement for Mission academy Live.

Each of the sessions is broken up with 3 questions related to the topics and a suggested activity or challenge at the end of the session. These will be discussed and explored within your small group

While these days are free, we do ask you to book in with the approximate number of young people, helping us to gage numbers. With 5 events happening nationally, when signing up your interest for Mission Academy Live here,  please click on the Eventbrite link in the nearest location to you for more information and to register. If you’ve already signed up for Mission Academy Live then simply register for the launch days through the appropriate link below: 


Regional Launch Days