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To make HOPE happen to the max in the UK we need people with enthusiasm and commitment who would love to see HOPE blossom where they are.

Are you passionate about unity and mission in word and action? Could you bring churches together to bring hope to your community, while keeping people informed and encouraged? If so then you would be ideal as a HOPE practitioner! Don't leave it to someone else - get stuck in with God's mission for your town, village or city and take others along with you.

You won't be left on your own but you could be the catalyst that sparks something off and could see people coming to Jesus and your community transformed. You could pass on the national HOPE stories to churches in your area; tell us the good news stories from your area; put your local media in touch with the national HOPE team or put together local reports or videos. 

Please indicate your interest in becoming a HOPE practitioner. We will be in touch to help you explore the possibilities and give you support. 


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