Sharing in words

HOPE's vision is a nation transformed as churches do more together, making Jesus known with words and action.

HOPE 08 inspired churches to go out to do things all around the country that, perhaps, we had not done in such a co-ordinated way before. Christian groups going out and loving their communities with no sense of return--just unconditional love--had a major impact. This impacted not only the people who experienced that love, but also on observers from the Prime Minister to the Prince of Wales who commented on how good it was to see the Church out loving their communities.

A number of churches are really sold on this but have asked how they can preach the word in the current environment in the context of these values. So, here are a few principles, a few guidelines, if you like, about how we go about putting the word content into what we do, alongside what we do together, and with some examples of themes that can be taken up over the Easter period. These are just suggestions to use in any way you like; if they inspire your creativity to do better then that would be wonderful.

Read or download the Preaching the Word full pdf document