Easter Festivals and Passion Plays

Join together with other Christians in your area to host Easter festivals or put on public Passion performances in the heart of your village, town or city. It's a great way to make Jesus known - you can give away copies of 'Who Do You Say I Am?' as a conversation starter.


Allvantagepoints compressedChrist in the Centre – Leicester  

A dramatic presentation of Christ’s teaching, trial, passion, crucifixion and resurrection follows a procession down the High Street to Humberstone Gate. Audiences approaching 10,000, in the centre of the city, gather to watch the compelling performance each year. 


Passion at Trafalgar Square

Wintershall Players have performed an adapted version of the Passion to thousands on Good Friday since 2012 at the heart of the Capital in Trafalgar Square, London.  Peter Hutley, Script writer, said: “We demonstrate publicly our Christian faith to illustrate the benefits of faith in God.” 


Lancaster – Easter Festival of HOPE

Lancaster churches, under the HOPE banner, have taken over the square outside the town hall for a huge celebration including singers, bands, activities, shows, free food, and a prayer and healing tent. All attending were given an invitation to a Sunday service in a local church. 


Soul by the Sea Easter festival

Soul by the Sea Easter Festival in Brighton hosted Christian bands and artists and incorporated a flash mob and a spectacular reprise of the Passion of Christ play. Local churches took ownership of the event by putting on a variety of Fringe events as part of the festival. 

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