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Spring cleaning for the soul!

Washday was held in 2015 and 2016 and was an opportunity to go out and wash anything and everything! It could be cleaning windows for people who would find that difficult, washing a car, washing clothes for homeless people, or washing up mugs in an office. It was a new take on Maundy Thursday when, traditionally, church people have washed people’s feet – or more recently offered free shoe-shining on the streets. Washday might not be happening on a national scale - but it's still a great idea and gives a great opportunity to tell the Easter story in a fun and creative way, but it's not a one day wonder. Loving your neighbour is one way of loving God. And that’s something that lasts all year. Find out more at www.washday.org.

  • Involve children and families as well as other members of the congregation
  • Provide flyers about the Easter services and your Pentecost Party to give away
  • Hold a thank you Passover-style meal for everyone who takes part in serving others in this way.