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As HOPE Revolution builds to 2018, we are looking for advocates across the UK who we can serve to see a grass-roots mission agenda released to young people in your area.

  • Do you have a passion to see young people practically and effectively sharing their faith?
  • Are you networked with other youth leaders in your area?
  • Could you deliver the ‘Chatterbox’ tool with your youth group and roll it out in your area?
  • Could you explore a ‘Step Out’ Tour, a Mission Academy or a short-term mission taking place in your area?
  • Could you mobilse young people to become a youth advocate in their school?
  • Could you be involved in shaping our year of mission in 2018?

If the answer is yes, then we would love for you to become an advocate so we can serve you as part of our grass-roots mission strategy. It’s simple and your involvement would be whatever you are able to bring.

With Gods help, our national partnerships, and your local expertise, together we can mobilise a generation of young people to be the bold and dangerous disciples of Jesus that he calls and commands us to be.

Contact phil.timson@hopetogether.org.uk to explore this further.



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