News Update July 2016
It’s hotting up!

Churches all over the country are reaching out into their communities building on links made through royal birthday celebrations and summer fun days. It’s great that we are blessing our communities, bringing people together, providing local services like Make Lunch for school children who miss out on meals in the holidays, or serving in projects like Carlisle’s Give A Day to the City. But churches can offer so much more. Let’s not separate prayer, words and action. Let’s be intentional about putting our faith into words as well as action. Let’s point people to Jesus and the hope he offers. And more than ever, let’s pray. Plan to join the National Week of Prayer 23-25th September – find out more at

‘I ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!’ (Ephesians 1:18-19, The Message).

Have a wonderful blessing and refreshing summer – we really appreciate what you do, and pray for you regularly.

Roy Crowne
HOPE's Executive Director

BYLLogoBecause You’re Loved - free resources for autumn youth mission

If you are going to Soul Survivor look out for news about HOPE Revolution’s schools’ mission week 17th-23rd October 2016 - Because You’re Loved. All the ideas and resources are free to use. Find out more here and let us know where you are bringing the love this autumn.
Carlisle’s Give A Day to the City
Andy Fearon, a pastor at Carlisle Vineyard, was one of the pioneers of Carlisle's Give A Day venture, which has given churches amazing opportunities to work in partnership with other agencies to make a difference. Churches and individuals in the city gave a day to the campaign and also staged a massive street party, Miriam Lowe of HOPE Carlisle explained: they were aiming for 3,000 and on the day around 7,000 people attended. As a result of the huge response, the council have asked churches to run a week of Christmas celebrations. Working together, serving the city, has given churches favour in the eyes of civic authorities. Visit HOPE Carlisle’s Facebook page to read more and watch their video about Give A Day here.
Sidcup family Fun
Sidcup’s 20 years of summer Fun Days
Summer sees churches all over the country getting out of our buildings and serving our communities. Lark in the Park, run by churches in Sidcup, Kent, has been running for 20 years this year and has spread to two more towns – Ramsgate and Woking. Watch highlights from 2015 here, view this year’s promotional video here and find out more here. Roy Crowne will be speaking at the Sidcup and Ramsgate events, backing up the action of local churches with intentional evangelism. As well as providing two great weeks of fun for all the family, the joint-church venture offers prayer and opportunities for people to find out more about Jesus.
Hampshire churches working together
Hope Eastleigh has had an amazing week of mission and outreach as churches came together to host cream teas for senior citizens, a families’ day, a comedy event and worship times in the park. They also announced the start of a CAP centre – ongoing work to serve the Hampshire town. Watch the videos of the week on the HOPE Eastleigh Facebook page and hear about the joy of working together as churches in the town.
Plan your church Fun Day
What does it take to hold a Fun Day in your community? The Diocese of Manchester has put together some guidelines and says: ‘Family Fun Days don’t have to cost the earth; you can use the talents of the congregation.’ Find out more here.
Project Manager needed in HOPE’s Rugby office
Social media, video and data management are vital to HOPE’s work connecting churches and sharing vision for mission. We have an opening in our Rugby office for a Project Manager to implement our communications strategy online, to manage our database and to make connections with churches around the country. Could your skills meet our needs? If you’d like to be part of a great team, with a big vision and massive impact, contact Roy Crowne, HOPE’s Executive Director, Tel: 01788 542782

The Servant Queen update

Gold Hill Baptist Church in Chalfont St Peter bought 3,000 copies of The Servant Queen, and have 300 left. A group from the church are planning to take the spare copies to London's tourist landmarks this summer to give them away. Is that something you could do in your area?

We are so grateful to CPO for their work distributing nearly one million copies of the book so far – we are poised to celebrate the millionth copy as sales are continuing at more than 5,000 copies each week. HOPE, LICC and Bible Society are considering how many more to print – would you want copies to give as Christmas gifts this year? A simple email saying ‘Yes, I’d order copies for Christmas’ would help us decide whether to print more copies. Email your message here.

Looking forward to 2018

We are building towards 2018 and a massive year of mission across the country as more churches than ever before work together. The goal is to grow the church. Pray for us as we make plans – and pray about how you and your church can be involved. Contact the HOPE office if you would like a speaker for a vision meeting with church leaders in your area.