FREE mission resources to help rural churches

The Arthur Rank Centre (ARC) has a wide range of resources designed to support rural churches, which tend to be small, usually sharing a minister, and with few lay leaders. Nevertheless, there can be opportunities for reaching out and a warmth towards the church which are not usually seen in urban areas. The following two resources could be very helpful.

Equipping Small & Rural Churches for Mission: a toolkit for mission
This toolkit can be used by any rural church, or group of churches, even if they are small or remote. It can be run over a period of six weeks or longer, and can be facilitated by lay people within the church. Eventually it should involve all congregation members in preparing for mission and improved community engagement, but the core of the process can be achieved by a smaller, representative group from within the church(es). It is designed to encourage partnership between different churches, within the same denomination and ecumenically, and partnership with non-church bodies. The result should be one or more priorities for action, in which the local church can engage realistically with the community it serves.

Journey To Faith: a rural evangelism course for small churches
This simple training programme can be run by any local church – or group of churches - over two half-days. It requires no outside or expert help and the material required to run the course is freely available to download from the ARC website. As well as the material required to run the two course sessions, ARC provides optional supplementary material, links to good material and ideas elsewhere, and a Resource Manual that every participant can take away with them.

To look at these resources, see www.arthurrankcentre.org.uk, and click ‘Are you involved in a rural church?’ The resources above are the first two listed.

Marcus test, 04/09/2013