Football club carol service success

More than 1,200 people attended Bolton Wanderers’ Christmas Carol Service this year which took place on Monday 10th December 2012 in the Premier Suite within the stadium.
Headed up as a Passion for Christmas it was an evening of traditional carols as well as a drama production that put an innovative twist on the nativity.

BW carolspicChairman Phil Gartside and Fabrice Muamba both attended the service, which will be broadcast on Christmas morning 107.4 Tower FM the local commercial radio station for 1 hour commercial free!

Club chaplain Phil Mason explained: “It was a really good evening and we were absolutely delighted that so many fans were able to come along. The mass choir and Bolton Junior Youth Choir, which is a mix of local schoolchildren, led us in the carols.

The drama was very different. It was written as if the birth of Jesus hadn’t happened in the traditional setting, but in a football stadium. Joseph was a footballer, Mary was a WAG, the shepherds were the football supporters, and the wise men were three football managers from different clubs all looking for the new Messi, or Messiah. We are going to make the script of this drama available for future years to encourage other Clubs to pull together a Carol Service.

“We had lots of different representatives of faith groups, including Hindu and Muslim faith as well as Christian and the Bishop of Bolton, along with other church leaders, led the blessing at the end of the evening. The feedback from the evening has been overwhelming and provided a great opportunity to witness and share the true message of Christmas in a unique way to the vast majority who attended who were un-churched. All proceeds from the service were donated to the Hearts & Goals campaign which is being headed up by Fabrice Muamba.
Bolton Wanderers, 18/12/2012