Banquet of Hope

In a nutshell
In an event designed to bring together youth from right across the local churches Kingston YFC’s Oxygen project helped host a HOPE Revolution banquet. The young people got the chance to dress up in posh frocks and suits, and enjoy a bit of a fun, formal, glitz ‘n’ glamour for a night centred on the theme of hope. As well as the speaker’s challenge to the HOPE Revolutionaries, each table was named after someone that had themselves changed the world for Jesus such as Martin Luther King, Edith Cavell and William Wilberforce.
Who has done it?
Kingston YFC’s Oxygen
The Outcome
Oxygen director, Richard James, summed up the evening: We were really encouraged by these young Revolutionaries’ reaction to the evening, with around a quarter of those who were there responding positively to the evening’s closing challenge. It was a memorable evening, not just in being a great event, but because it has definitely sown the seed and inspired many young people to give their all in living for Jesus this year and beyond.’