Hope in the Park

In a nutshell
Young people often hang around the park in Horsforth near Leeds, so local Christians decided to make this a focus of their summer’s activity. A group of adults and young people ran lots of activities including sports, games and craft, all on a youth bus, with an additional tuck shop, prayer tent and sumo wrestling. Young people from the team went to the skate park and showed off their BMX skills and had fantastic conversations about their faith in Jesus. At the end of each afternoon the young people boldly shared their own story of why God was important in their lives.
Who has done it?
adults and young people in Horseforth near Leeds
The Outcome
Dave, 17, said, It was good to show young people that we weren’t the stereotypical “geeky Christians”. We had great opportunities to get talking to people and even managed to talk to some of the “big hard” lads about God. One woman didn’t think she’d be welcomed at church but thought differently after she had met the people from the local churches.’