Star Service

In a nutshell
In Loughborough churches took part in a Star Service run in the market place in conjunction with their local council at the start of December. A 16-foot tree was donated and there was opportunity for those who had lost loved ones to place a star with the name of their loved one on the tree as an act of remembrance. The following Sunday they took part in an International Day run by the council to celebrate the fact that the town has become a melting pot of many nations. The event, again held in the Market Place, was designed to celebrate the diversity of the church in the town in the context of Christmas. There was music from South Asia, Africa and China together with testimonies from those parts of the world about what Christmas and the Christ of Christmas means to them, as well as readings of the story of the Wise Men coming to visit Jesus in 17 different languages. It was a great opportunity for ex-pat Christians to build links with their fellow countrymen and invite them to Christmas events going on in the churches.