Beer and Bible Project

In a nutshell

Encouraging people to go to their local pub to read the Bible.

Who has done it?

Diocese of Chelmsford


Canon Phil Ritchie at Chelmsford Diocesan Office

Why do it?

The central aim is the public reading of the Bible - to get religion out of the church and into everyday people’s lives.

The vision is to have the Bible read in 200 pubs with a focus on seasonal times in the Christian calendar and particularly during Holy Week and Easter.

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible in 2011.


How did it work?

Invited local publican to participate in the project. Arranged readings /drinks /discussion on agreed evenings. Mobilised churches to pray for the project.

A variety of social networking sites and web sites are being set up to support this initiative and there will be a wide variety of resources and suggestions about possible approaches. 

Beer and Bible beer mats available with information about the project printed on them. Also mentions on the back of the beer mats if people want to find out more about Christianity.

The Outcome

Local papers interested – article printed on Bishop of Chelmsford – “Room at the inn as Bishop spreads the word at the bar”.