Easter Activity Ideas

We heard loads of other great ideas that we’ve listed below. Which do you think might work in your village, town or city?  
  • Having a sunrise service (St Mary’s in Peterborough).
  • Holding an Easter Egg hunt after church on Easter Sunday (churches in Wansford, Cambridge).
  • At Moreton Baptist Church, children and parents enjoyed a free screening of Miracle Maker.
  • A family fun day drew the crowds in Aberdeen.
  • Doing a prayer walk on Good Friday (churches in south east London). They stopped and had a picnic on the way, then ended their walk with a time of acapella worship.
  • The churches in Sevenoaks, Kent, held a card making event on the high street a few weeks before Easter.
  • Inviting school children to church to do a walk through Holy Week.
  • Doing a passion play on the streets like the churches in Bradford and Edinburgh who wanted to bring their celebrations out into a public place.
  • Nottingham University Student Union teamed up with local churches, Student Community Action and the local council for a Great Big Student Gardening Week.
  • Churches in Coventry put on a showing of the critically acclaimed Son of Man film at the Warwick Arts Centre. The film tells the story of Jesus through a tale of corruption and redemption in modern day Africa. See www.sonofmanmovie.com for more details of the film and how you can use it.
  • Just before Easter, Newbury Methodist Church contacted people who had past links with them. They invited them to a special ‘welcome back’ service – with cream teas and prayer stations based on the HOPE 08prayer.
  • Young people from churches in Newark, Nottinghamshire, planted Easter baskets which they then distributed to older members of the community and to a local peace hospice.
  • Churches in Watford, Hertfordshire held an art exhibition on the theme of HOPE at their local shopping centre.
  • Holy Trinity Bradley Stoke in Bristol had a pancake party.
  • Churches in the Black Country encouraged believers to sacrifice a day’s holiday to serve their community whilst thinking about Jesus’ great sacrifice for us.
  • Nottingham YFC offered to take lessons in schools covering the events of Holy Week.
  • Members of Unity, a Christian Entertainment Group, put on three performances of the musical Jerusalem Joy at a nearby school. They charged a £5 entrance fee and gave all the proceeds to the local children’s hospice.
  • Churches Together in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, delivered 20,000 Easter cards with details of church services and upcoming HOPE activities.
  • Churches in Consett, County Durham, and Rushden in Northamptonshire gave out Easter eggs to local families.
  • St Polycarp’s Church in Sheffield invited 250 junior school children to their church and took them through a re-enactment of the events of Holy Week. See Chapter 13 for more details.
  • You could encourage church members to give blood – visit www.blood.co.uk, www.scotblood.co.uk or www.welsh-blood.org.uk like Congregational Church, North Walsham and churches in Edinburgh did.
  • Use the Lent period to go through a course with your church. Churches Together in north Bristol found the Faithworks i-church course incredibly helpful as they thought more about how they could have a positive impact on their community.
  • Letchworth Garden City attracted more attention than usual for the Walk of Witness by having everyone where something red! 
  • Cambridge YFC worked with local church St Andrew’s in schools for two weeks in the run up to Easter taking a drama group called Lifeforce in with them. They finished with a gig. St Andrew’s Youth worker Dan said, ‘Cambridge schools are very sensitive when it comes to the faith issue – we've been going around trying to build a few bridges. We've actually seen massive breakthrough these last two weeks in schools that haven't let Christians in for the last ten years.'
  • We’ve heard about young people raising money in their churches to buy boxes of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. They’ve then handed them out at school with the simple explanation that as Christians they believe God loves each person and wants to bless them, not least of all with a free chocolate egg!


What has your church done to celebrate Easter in the past? How could you have an even bigger impact on your local community at this special time of year? Think about:
  • Joining up with other churches to make your Easter celebrations bigger, better and more unified. Start talking to each other early, sharing ideas and making plans so you’re well prepared when Easter comes round.
  • Trying something new or adding a new twist to your traditional activity. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take lots of time to prepare – have another look through this chapter for ideas you can adapt for where you live. 
  • Encouraging the young people in your church to come up with some ideas and supporting them as they put them into practice.