Easter Cards Delivery

In a nutshell
Local churches in South Manchester worked together over the Easter period to send out 20,000 cards to homes in the area wishing them a Happy Easter and offering prayer.
Who has done it?
Local churches in South Manchester, St James’ Church, Didsbury
How did it work?
Each card had a detachable form asking for any prayer requests which could then be sent back to either their local church or a central collection point. A HOPE Prayers service was then held at St James’ Church, Didsbury where each person attending was given a prayer request card that had been received and was asked to pray in response to it.
The Outcome
The service was moving and symbolic with about a third of all requests received being for physical healings. Delivering the cards by hand was also a great way to meet members of the community and to engage in conversation and the churches are keen to repeat the activity as it can be done at any time of year.