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Happiness is the thing for which every human being craves but few people are able to get it. The simplest it is to define, the more difficult it is to get it. That’s because people often associate it with people and things. Happiness is something that starts with you and ends with you. Only those who feel this can be able to get true happiness.

Aristotle was a philosopher who wrote a lot about happiness. He believed that happiness depends on our own self. According to him, happiness is the main purpose of human life. He said that happiness is a goal in itself and it depends on virtue. Although Aristotle’s ethical properties are generally more personal than social properties.

According to Aristotle, there is a need to fulfil many conditions, such as having a happy life physically and mentally fit. He presented the principle of happiness in Nicomachean Ethics, his most influential work. This principle of Aristotle is also relevant in today’s scenario. According to him, fulfilling all the needs is the end of happiness. He said that we want almost all things, good relationships, money, success, or power because we believe that it will make us happy. It would be right to say that everything else is just a means of achieving happiness and happiness is the end of everyone in itself.

Many people connect happiness with money and many people connect it with relationships. They do not understand that unless they are happy themselves, they will not be able to realize happiness even in their relationships. The problems of relationships are increasing rapidly and the main reason behind this is that we have very high expectations from the other person. We hope they make us feel happy. We lie in our brains like, ‘If our partner makes us buy the dress we will be happy’ or ‘If our partner is planning a surprise for us, we will be happy’. This problem is not only with couples, but it is with every relationship whether it is a relationship with a parent or a relationship of a sibling or a friendship.

Here are some facts that can help you to be happy:-

Take care of yourself

Keep your focus yourself. Do not give the other person priority over yourself and do not let them do the same. If you give a lot of priority and you do not get anything in return, then you are preparing a recipe for your disappointment.

Get started

If you want to go somewhere, then plan it yourself. Do not wait for your partner, parent or child to take you there. Tell them that if they come along you will feel better. However, they do not need to be frustrated if they refuse. Continue your plan.

Give personal time

You need to give time to your partner and give your personal time to maintain a healthy relationship.

So, the reason behind that we are not happy is that we establish unrealistic expectations from others in our lives and believe that if they really love us, they will also use it in the same way. This is almost certainly false. It only damages relationships rather than doing any good work. We need to understand that the only person who can make you feel truly happy is the person himself.