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Happiness is a way of life and it is not something that can be acquired and kept with it. People put their whole life behind happiness but they get dissatisfied. They have assumed that they would be happy if they got admission in a good college or if they managed to get a good job or if they got a smart life partner. While all of this helps to create a good life which is essential for happiness but they can not bring happiness alone. Happiness is something that can be felt from within, not from outside.

According to Buddhism, happiness does not depend on who you are or who you are. It depends only on what you think.

Buddha believed that happiness begins with understanding the main causes of pain. Buddha has described the path related to one of the 8 sources, which helps in controlling the brain and eventually helps in attaining happiness. Although this is not a one-time task, it needs to be followed in a daily way. This idea teaches you not to worry about the past or future and live in the present. The present is the only place where you can experience peace and happiness.

Buddha has been described as “always smile”. Their depictions mostly reflect them with a smile. This smile comes from the inside of it. Buddhism states that by developing mental peace, true happiness can be gained through knowledge and practice and can be achieved by separating it from the needs, wishes and passions of oneself.

According to religious books, happiness comes from their own actions, past actions and God’s grace. Three kinds of happiness have been mentioned in religious books. These are as follows:

Physical pleasure: It is also known as physical happiness. It can be obtained from a comfortable life, physical pleasure and sensual pleasure.

Mental pleasure: It is also known as mental pleasure. It can be obtained from a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. This is a condition in which a person is free from all kinds of worries and sorrows.

Spiritual happiness: It is also called spiritual self-bliss. Such happiness can be achieved when a person comes out of the cycle of birth and death and interacts with himself.

According to religious books, the ultimate aim of living is to experience supreme happiness in the form of an independent soul in heaven. Humans can experience temporary happiness by fulfilling their duties, but according to the Hindu religion, achieving salvation can lead to permanent happiness only in heaven.

Whether you are a student, a working professional, a homemaker or a retired person – happiness is essential for every one of you to live a good life. It is necessary for a person’s emotional well-being. If a person is not emotionally healthy then he may get to see a sudden decline in his overall health.

Even though happiness is very important, but unfortunately people do not pay much attention to those ways so that they can keep themselves happy. They are so engrossed in their professional life and other work of life that they forget to enjoy good moments in life. It is no surprise that cases of stress, anxiety and depression are increasing day by day.

So, the proper definition of happiness and joy is the definition of happiness and attempts to get can vary according to different situations, although its only purpose is to be happy. If you work harder for your livelihood, if you work so hard to gain happiness for yourself, then the meaning of your life will change.