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We have always been hearing that if we want to happen something good with us then we should expect for good or always hope for good. Because if we hope for good with ourselves then there will be communication of positive energy inside and out, which will make good things happen with us.

Why should we always hope for good, I found the answer when I met a friend of mine. His name is Raymond. He is a successful guy today but several years back he had nothing in his pocket instead of a hope. Hope for good. Raymond always lived a positive life. As everyone has Raymond too had a bad time. He was gone through a very hard time. He lost his job, he lost his house, he lost his love but he never gave up to the circumstances. He is a cheerful person as I personally know him but, the time he lost everything he loved one by one and I was the person with him. And I was trying to console him I was actually trying very hard to encourage him but I was shocked when I heard that he doesn’t feel sad or broken for anything he lost. I was curious as you all so I asked him why? He said that whatever has happened and whatever will happen, no one can stop or heal these all things. There is only one thing we can do to feel good is that just forget about the past forget about your losses forget about your sorrow and just think of what will happen next? And the best thing is that whatever happens next will be on the basis of what we are hoping to happen? If we will hope for something bad to happen then we will get surrounded by negativity and then surely something bad will happen to us. But if we will expect or hope for something good to happen then we will get surrounded by positivity, positive energy will run into our body and then everything good will happen to us for sure. And I was amazed that how a person can be this calm when he lost almost everything. I turned at him and hugged him and thanked him for the great lesson he taught me so easily.

Raymond taught me many things at that time like never lose your faith in God. He taught me that we should always think positive, we should never lose hope. He taught me that whatever has happened till now you can’t change it but, the best thing you can do is hope for good. Hope for the end number of things will happen to you in future will be good. And your hope for good will surely make something good happen to you.
So, always remember, never lose your hope and always hope for good.