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Hope is the fragrance of a flower of life. Hope is the light of the path of life. Whoever is living with hope in his heart, he is happy and graceful. The desire to become rich, Scholar or successful is the first wake up in mind. At that time the desire was known as hope.
As the sun rays light up the world and keeps the cold away as well, in the same way, the hope lights up our lives and replaces the laziness with excitement in our lives.
Hope is a lamp which never quenches, no matter how tough the situations are. For example: When a man engaged himself in a business with all his heart then, he gets into it completely, he forgets himself too while doing that task. When the business starts, then a lamp lights up in his mind. That light is known as “Hope.”
How hope helps us?
No doubt that life is hard to live happily and it’s getting harder day by day. So, we need to work harder day by day to gain success and happiness in our lives.
When I was a kid, my granny narrated me many stories about lessons life taught us. Once she told me a story about hope. The story goes on like this:
“Once upon a time a person was going to commit suicide by panicking with the circumstances going on in his life. On the way, he met a saint. He started crying in front of him and began to say that my whole life, property, and business had been destroyed. All the property has gone. What I got in the soil nothing is left with me now. I think I should die”.
“The saint said – You call yourself inferior and poor have you ever seen a street vendor walking on streets to earn his livelihood for him and his family as well. Have you ever seen him that how he struggles in his daily life without giving up to his life’s problems”?
“If you do not have money, property, glory, and luxuries then what happened! Come to me and give me one eye of yours, I’ll give you five thousand rupees now. Give me your both ear, I will pay you more than 10 thousand”.
“But he did not get ready. Then, that saint explained that this is your precious body of millions. God has given you such a precious property, and still, you call yourself poor”.
“Upon hearing this, a new hope came in the life of that disappointed person, and he became successful again because he has learned never to give up in any situation.”
This is how hope motivates us, encourage us to move on, and get success to our toes back.

We just need to believe that till we have hope, everything is there. If we have strong aspiration, hope, and faith, nothing can drag us down. We just need to believe that “Hope is the only thing which brings us back to work.” Whoever has “Hope,” he has faith in himself.