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We all start the journey of our professional life with many dreams, goals, expectations, and inspirations. At that time there is only one original formula for success- I will win. What makes us believe in our method is “Hope.” We plan each step to move forward and get success easily. But, things never go as per our plan. We witness a lot of ups and downs in the way to success. Sometimes we may lose everything either it is money, property, family or glory. But, we never have to lose hope. We just need to have faith in hope because, “Hope is the only thing which motivates us, inspires us and brings us back to work.” Whoever has “Hope,” he can get success at his feet.
We want to get success quickly. But, are trapped under the circumstances and storms of coincidences. Unimaginable challenges, difficulties, and situations may come in your way to victory. We may go through such hard times. Where it may appear that our goals and dreams are going to collapse. We begin to give up hope. We think we will never be able to fulfill our goals. Sometimes we find ourselves in such situations where we see no way to get rid of it. But, we have to remember always that “If there is hope then there is the way.”
We all have heard about “Christopher Columbus” the person who discovered “America.” Columbus was a normal sailor. One day a thought came in his mind to discover unknown Countries. When he decided to go in search of other countries, everyone was stopping him by saying that it is foolishness, are you kidding, don’t you love your life, etc. But, when King ordered then few sailors agreed to go on the search with Columbus. In the journey, many times the co-sailors got disappointed and yelled at him. But, Columbus never got disappointed. He decided to be in search; however, the circumstances will come. Because of “Hope” in his mind to get success one day. From faith on the hope, he continued his journey and finally discovered America.

The lesson in this story was about never losing hope, no matter how hard the time is you’re going through but, keep faith in hope, and you’ll get your success back at you very soon. If you still have your dream then, you are the master of the world’s most significant property. We may have millions of troubles, we may be miserable, can be restless, can be frustrated by the lapse of time, but if we have valuable assets such as life, love, and hope then everything is there. I hope and faith were with then, there is a complete possibility of improvement in the situation soon, just do not lose courage, always be positive, and never lose hope.