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There have been an old saying when you think of achieving something, whole nature come together to helps you to get that. This is the power of thoughts, when you think positive, only positive comes to you and when you start thinking negative all negative start happening. This is what we call the law of attraction, so for anything to workout for you, you need to be positive about that. For eg. If you are not positive for winning a race there could be no chance that you put your 100% efforts to with the race and then the outcome will be failure. Though you may have got every possible talent and skill to win that race but just because of small negative thought you failed.
Thoughts are so powerful that they hold success and failure of life. You need to practice and control your thoughts and words you use. The more you become positive more of positive energy comes to you and will bring success in every sphere of life. These words are not just the mode of communication, but they have power to transform words into reality.
If you keep on using negative words, you will feel like that there is nothing good in your life. Every gift of life will be of no use. You will consider yourself as a victim of circumstances, and you will feel like a loser. But when you start avoiding negative “no” from your thoughts and words, your life will be full of surprises. You will experience a lot of positive energy all around you working in harmony to achieve the happiness and success in your life.