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Evolution is a process of change, which could be minut as well as big. It is a million year process. Evolution is not only a physical process but happens also at the mental level. Felling of human tail was a physical evolution. But our minds also have evolved in years. Earlier survival was supposed to be the most basic purpose of life followed by reproduction. But now time has changed and we have been evolved. Now survival has been replaced by desires. Desires are dependent of evolution and are continuously changing with evolution. Everything is evolving about us and this is what makes us human. Our will to create a change was always one of the basic characteristics of us.

Human mind is a great creator of questions. As a result of evolution, now most of our needs are fulfilling very simply. So a question in our mind arises, what is the meaning of our life. Different spiritual peoples give their different opinion about it and this is the talk of down nowadays. What we need to understand is that there is no meaning to our life. The world would be the same place if we were not born. We are just playing our parts and we should play our parts with honesty.

A large number of developmental changes to the world which has happened in a period of time can be defined as the cosmic evolution. It started with the big bang and whatever presents around us has experienced cosmic evolution. Cosmic evolution has provided the better way of life. It focuses on progress. Evolution can be beautiful as well as destructive. So humans should avoid those things which can lead to destruction.