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Whenever we think of forgiveness we assume it is for others, but forgiveness is for ourself. It help us to release all the negative energy and burden of past. We are living our life in such a way that we hardly attached to the emotional feelings of others. Being into the race of becoming more successful in terms of gathering physical wealth, we have morally degraded our self. We have forgotten the art of living and the ways to ease our life from stress and burden.
With so much of stress and anger, we have gathered negative energy that has blocked our positivity and creativity. We fail to understand others point of views and even we fail to excuse others and let-go things. We keep all the smallest of things from others in our mind, to pay them back or to take revenge from them, leads to more pain and stress in our life. We should know that for any happiness or for any external changes, you need to first bring those changes in yourself, because whatever we do get multiplied and return back to us. This has been seen that people travel all around the world in pursuit of happiness and for peace of mind, but they fails to get that and Day they forgive others they get the real happiness in there life.
So forgiveness has nothing to do with others, it is for ourself. This not only helps to build a beautiful relation but it helps to see the world with all new dimensions. You become more productive, and more creative. You get strength to face the challenges of life. When you start forgiving others it released all the negative energy and you enter in to the world of love and compassion. So as a result you forgive others but it come back to you with more light and bright future.
This is how life start gets better, with every harm or wound you got in your past, all become your lessons of life. Some harsh some mild but they will never be grudges when you learn to let go things and forgive others. This is the power of forgiveness which not only help others but it helps you too.