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A month ago I started to examine the concept of hope. Some very interesting thoughts came to my mind so as the conclusion. Let me share them with you:-
1- I am not very optimistic about future; I don’t expect that there will be good things only which I can hope for. Optimism is very different from hope. Hope is basic and depends upon probabilities whereas optimism is based on desirable outcome.
2- I believe that if you wants to make your life better then hope but without any expectation. Hope with attitudinal hopefulness then you will get results and you can make changes in that as per your needs. As long as our wishes are fulfilled, we are full of wishful hopefulness which helps us in our life.
3- Life is more meaningful if there is hope for goodness, kindness, truthfulness and more importantly the true justice above all to make a beautiful world. How much we can hope for anything depends upon many things but most important factor is our ancestor’s belief in hope. It expands as per our culture and cautiousness.
4- I can lose hope anytime because it depends upon my attitude, which changes as per my desires and priorities. I say that wishful and attitudinal hopefulness both are very necessary in our life. But there are many situations where we should give up “Hope”.

Existence of hope depends upon the fact that whether it is better or could be better than non-existence. All this is linked to few things, Is existence (hope) it good? Will it remain good? We compare it to non-existence then if existence is not good at all but in future it can be then we still hope for something which we kept in our mind. Probability takes a major part in this deciding. We need to make balanced combination between existence and non-existence.

Existence or non-existence is better for this world or not, I don’t know but it always good to have something rather than nothing.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

After going too far to decide whether to have existence or non-existence I came to a point that points me to believe in hope because it leaves positivity in us. Night can be wonderful but still we wait for the day light. It gives us the same positivity which we can’t get at night. To make our life better we can “do well, hope for t best and then wait for what comes”. Sometime we get embarrassed to expect for the best, which we don’t have to because if we hope things might work out at the end of the day.
Hope gives me a warm feeling; it is same as I get before Christmas when I was a child. It comes and gone, then another comes .