Cliff College Course

Cliff college course

Cliff College and HOPE have joined forces to develop a new course focusing on community engagement and outreach – and HOPE has donated copies of the resource book ‘HOPE: the Heartbeat of Mission’ to spark students’ imagination. 

Roy Crowne, HOPE’s Executive Director, and Ian White, Programme Leader for Vocational Ministry courses at the Peak District Bible college, have developed the informal partnership between Cliff College and HOPE. 

At the core of this partnership will be the development of a short course ‘Certificate in Community Engagement’. Cliff College hopes that this course will attract students who are especially focused on community outreach and engagement. Details of the course will feature on the college website once developed -
Roy Crowne said, ‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Cliff College to develop the course on both word and deed mission coming off all that we have learnt since Hope08, where we have models of best practice that we will bring to this course.’
Ian White added, ‘Partnering with HOPE enables the college to further root its biblical and theological teaching into practical mission and ministry opportunities across the UK. We are pleased to be working alongside this significant organisation as we seek to develop new dynamic training in the area of community engagement.’ 

HOPE in unlikely places


The world is on our doorstep. Interserve have a large team of Cross-Cultural Workers across Great Britain & Ireland. Discover what it could mean for you to work with Asian and Arab communities through Bridging Cultures – a cross-cultural experience from 6th-9th July 2016 – watch the video to see how you can benefit from this training and download a brochure about the course.

Meet Abdullah. Abdullah is a Muslim man who works for a local Residents Group called the Balsall Heath Forum, and he has an amazing relationship both with the local (majority Muslim) community, but also with the Interserve team and local churches. James Lynch from Interserve says, ‘I cannot stress enough what a vital part Abdullah has played in the success of our HOPE projects over the years. We give him a HOPE T-Shirt each year as a thank you from the team’.

Recently Abdullah was awarded the MBE, and shortly afterwards he headed off the Lesvos in Greece to help with a refugee project there. James says, ‘I was delighted and deeply touched that in all the photos (which were widely circulated across Birmingham and beyond) he was wearing his HOPE T-shirt with pride! Abdullah yesterday said he wanted to associate himself and the trip with his good Christian friends from the churches. He also mentioned that he wants a few of us to go with him on the next trip to Lesvos.’


James adds: ‘Abdullah is a Muslim; he is also a man of peace. He is on a journey towards a fuller and clearer revelation of who God truly is, and is following his heart to help the neediest both in our community in Birmingham, but also in the refugee camps in Lesvos. Abdullah is finding HOPE, but in the process he is already giving HOPE to others!’


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