Sharing Jesus

‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have’(1 Peter 3:15).

HOPE has teamed up with Share Jesus International to produce Sharing Jesus which focuses on how to put faith into words. With contributions from a range of churches and ministries, Sharing Jesus looks at how to spark God conversations, ways to explain the gospel, next steps, answering tough questions and leading someone to Jesus.

Click here to find out how to run the FREE Sharing Jesus course in your church.

Copies of Sharing Jesus are available free for only the cost of post and packing: 

One copy - £1.19
Two copies - £1.51
Three copies - £2.05
Four copies - £2.80
Five to eight copies - £3.90
Nine to twelve copies - £11.99

Email the HOPE office to place an order.  

The Sharing Jesus Course 

The Sharing Jesus Training Course is a great opportunity for Christians to become more confident in communicating their faith in Jesus Christ, and to learn how to do so in a way that is both relevant and effective!

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for everyone and especially for those who want to share their faith with non-Christian family members, friends, work colleagues or people in their community and who find it hard to start conversations about Jesus and the difference he makes in their lives.

What does the course cover?

  • Week 1 - How do we go beyond our everyday, superficial, conversations of football and the weather so that we can start sharing our faith??
  • Week 2 - How do we communicate the gospel of Jesus using relevant language, stories and illustrations?
  • Week 3 - How do we prepare for and respond to the difficult questions that many non-Christians might ask us??
  • Week 4 - How do we take the next steps after we’ve had a ‘God conversation’ with friends, family and neighbours? 

How to host a sharing Jesus course in 6 easy steps!

  1. You will need a Leader’s Guide and a copy of the teaching PowerPoints. These can be adapted for your own context. 
  2. You will need to order copies of the Sharing Jesus book for each participant coming. It’s normal RRP is £3 but if you by in packs of 20, it will cost £1.50 a copy (+ P&P). You can order the resource here.
  3. You might also like to order the excellent ‘Winsome’ prayer tool referred to in Session One. Details can be found here.
  4. You will need a venue that is conducive for teaching, and ideally access to a projector and audio facilities.
  5. You might like to consider other churches getting involved to make the most of the training.
  6. If you would like a guest speaker to come and lead your sessions locally, then K180, who have overseen the training in London, have trainers available. K180 can also train leaders across a city to train their local congregations. You can book a trainer here.



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