Hope Revolution

HOPE Revolution

The HOPE Revolution is about encouraging young people to live radically, be different and step out of their comfort zones… to enable them to choose to use their energy, passion and uniqueness to share their eternal hope with their friends, school and community.


We want young people to respond to God’s call to boldly share their faith through words and actions, speaking out about Jesus and demonstrating his love to others? HOPE Revolution is made up of a stack of Christian youth organisations, and together with your help we look to see young people rise up to live a lifestyle that makes reaching out for Jesus just a natural part of everyday life. We want to be the excuse for young people to simply have a go at sharing Jesus, to try new ideas, and engage reflectively on their experiences. We dream of seeing transformation take place in our villages, towns and cities as young people take an ongoing stand for Jesus.

‘Be one of 1000’s of youth leaders who journey with us as we encourage young people to look for the God opportunity every day to share their faith. Help us build up to and shape 2018 to be the biggest year of youth-led mission this nation has seen. Join us on this adventure, where we can serve you and together see the youth of our nation be contagious and effective for Jesus.

Download the new advocate pack here where you can explore how you could be involved.

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