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All about hope, love, life!


Life is more meaningful if there is hope for goodness, kindness, truthfulness and more importantly the true justice above all to make a beautiful world. How much we can hope for anything depends upon many things but most important factor is our ancestor’s belief in hope. It expands as per our culture and cautiousness.


A large number of developmental changes to the world which has happened in a period of time can be defined as the cosmic evolution. It started with the big bang and whatever presents around us has experienced cosmic evolution. Cosmic evolution has provided the better way of life. It focuses on progress. Evolution can be beautiful as well as destructive. So humans should avoid those things which can lead to destruction.

Recent Articles

Thoughts reflects in action

There have been an old saying when you think of achieving something, whole nature come together to helps you to get that. This is the power of thoughts, when you think positive, only positive comes to you and when you start thinking negative all negative start...

The word – Evolution

Evolution is a process of change, which could be minut as well as big. It is a million year process. Evolution is not only a physical process but happens also at the mental level. Felling of human tail was a physical evolution. But our minds also have evolved in...

Only Hope is left in Pandora’s Box

As per Greek mythology Pandora was the first woman created by the God Zeus. He wants to punish humanity on Earth as Prometheus theft the secret of fire and gave it to humans which Zeus never wanted. So he gave a jar to Pandora which later translated as “Box”. He told...

Hope or Hopeless?

A month ago I started to examine the concept of hope. Some very interesting thoughts came to my mind so as the conclusion. Let me share them with you:- 1- I am not very optimistic about future; I don’t expect that there will be good things only which I can hope for....

True Meaning of Love

Love is not just a word; it is a feeling, a complete satisfaction in itself. But the love our younger thinks of is just affection. They think they can find their soulmate somewhere online. They think that a mobile application can realise better that for whom, their...

Power of Forgiveness

Whenever we think of forgiveness we assume it is for others, but forgiveness is for ourself. It help us to release all the negative energy and burden of past. We are living our life in such a way that we hardly attached to the emotional feelings of others. Being into...